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     Features :

* Durable
* Easy Installation
* Simple to operate
* Made as per international standards
* Effective Treatment of contaminated    water

Effluent Treatment Plant

We are one of the trusted Effluent Water Treatment Plant Manufacturers, based in India. We offer a wide amount of Effluent Water Treatment Plants that are designed to treat the effluent coming from different areas of the plant. The treatment of different effluents varies with the type of effluent. Our Effluent Wastewater Treatment Plants are used for treatment of water, waste water and liquid having suspended and colloidal particles. The Water treatment plants supplied by us works on the principle of settling under gravity through inclined plates within large projected surface area.

Our services in this area include the process and hydraulic design of water, groundwater and effluent treatment plants, potable and pure water production plants and sludge treatment facilities for both municipal and industrial clients. Examples of previous projects undertaken, primarily for public sector clients

Water Effluent Treatment

Water effluent treatment plant is designed to treat effluent mainly containing oily effluent . The oily water from the Transformer Area, Turbine building, Workshop, etc is collected in common collection sump from where water is pumped through the Plate Interceptor. Oil separated from Plate Interceptor is collected in drums & clear water is lead to central monitoring basin through gravity. Sludge generated from the Plate Interceptor is led to the Sludge Pit for further treatment.The system is envisaged for treatment of effluent mainly containing turbidity and suspended solids. Service water washing effluent from different areas is collected in common collection pit and then pumped to the flash mixer where chemical mixing takes place. The effluent is dosed with Alum, Lime and Polyelectrolyte to coagulate and flocculate the suspended / colloidal matter. Water then flows through the flocculation tank for flocculation and is finally carried over to tube/lamella settler through gravity where clarification of water takes place.


Effluent treatment lifecycle

»Coal Handling Plant & Coal Storage Effluent Treatment
Effluent Treatment Effluent from the Coal handling plant and Coal storage Area is collected and is led through the inlet channel to break the turbulence. The Effluent then flow to the Coal Slurry Settling pond where the discrete particles settle down and the clear water flows to the coal decanted water sump. Decanted water is then pumped to the central monitoring basin.

»Sludge Handling System

Sludge collected from different clarifiers is pumped through the Sludge Thickener. Thickened sludge is the further pumped to centrifuge. Sludge cakes generated from centrifuge are disposed off. Supernatant is recycled back to the main clarifier.


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