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   Features :

* Durable
* Easy Installation
* Simple to operate
* Made as per international standards
* Effective Treatment of contaminated    water


Water Analysis lab

Water Testing Services

    Concerns about personal and family health may lead you to question the safety of the water you are using. Recent publicity about water pollution problems and their effect on water used in the home for drinking, cooking,washing and many other purposes. You may be particularly concerned about the quality of your drinking water if you rely on your borehole or other private water supply. With the availability of modern water treatment equipment and the often aggressive marketing of these devices, you may wonder about the need to install such equipment in your home and what if anything some of these filters do. Agricultural water requirements are often neglected. Suitable water leads to improved livestock production.The increased demand on water suppliers has often lead to water that is unfit for human consumption, being inadvertently supplied to your tap. This is often the case in many smaller towns throughout South Africa. Were river water is consumed: upstream contamination, via sewerage and human use ( washing of clothes etc. ) is an important consideration for water quality.

Why Test Your Water

There is no such thing in nature as "pure" water. Nearly all water contains contaminants, even in the absence of nearby pollution-causing activities. Many dissolved minerals, organic carbon compounds, and microbes find their way into your drinking water as water comes into contact with air and soil. When pollutant and contaminant levels in drinking water are excessively high, they may affect certain household routines and/or be detrimental to human health.Obvious water problems, such as staining of plumbing fixtures and laundry, as well as many objectionable tastes and odors, may be evidence of excessive levels of contaminants in your household water supply.

What to Test For

The list of potential water contaminants is very lengthy and impractical to test for in its entirety. Such water testing would be very expensive and unnecessary. In the event that you could have every potential water contaminant tested for, relatively few have established standards, or recommended levels, allowing one to evaluate how serious the pollutant contamination may be. Knowing which water contaminants are most likely to be a problem and being aware of the warning signs of certain contaminants can make such testing more meaningful and economic.


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