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   Features :

* Durable
* Easy Installation
* Simple to operate
* Made as per international standards
* Effective Treatment of contaminated    water


Water Purifying System

       Puresolutions offers a complete range of modern domestic water purifiers in India. We are manufacturing all kinds of home water filters and home Reverse Osmosis purifiers since year 2000.  All our domestic water purifiers,home water filters,home RO purifiers and Reverse Osmosis are based on the latest cutting edge technology and confirm to latest Indian and International quality.Our home reverse osmosis systems use nano filtration technology and works on the principle of diffusion of water through semi permeable membrane under osmotic pressure with sediment pre filtration and pre and post carbon filter consoles.  Thus making it an ideal home ro purifier.

Our range of domestic ultra violet water filters are ideally used for destruction of harmful bacteria viruses and pathogens by exposing the limited water supply through custom designed patented UV chamber to disinfect water completely.Our ultra filtration water filters are ideally  suited in places with scarce supply of electricity.  Our UF water filters use hydrostatic force of tank (overhead) or by gravity and use a fractional technique to retain macromolecule and yield a clean and potable water output.Our domestic water purifiers, home water filters and home RO purifiers are being widely exported to various countries, which face acute water contamination problem combined with acute shortage of electrical supply.

Which purifying system you will select?

       How does one choose from the plethora of technologies and brands now available in India? Which water purification system would be best for you? The two parameters of selection here would be degree of purification and price. Different technologies deliver differing degrees of purity. Water may be purified using the following technologies:

  • UV purification
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Activated carbon filtering
  • Distillation
  • Ion exchange
  • Electro deionization



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