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     Features :

* Durable
* Easy Installation
* Simple to operate
* Made as per international standards
* Effective Treatment of contaminated water

Water Treatment Plant

Water treatment systems are used for removal of specific contaminants and improving drinking water for taste. Water treatment systems and devices may improve water quality by reducing certain health hazards, including chemical pollutants and bacteria and by removing hardness or odors. They generally treat water using methods such as filtration, disinfection, distillation and softeners.

Filter water treatment systems provide an effective way of controlling contaminants and are designed for potable water only, which provides for clean and safe drinking water. Mechanical filters made of fiber or fabric remove materials such as silt, sand or clay from the water. Oxidizing filters trap iron and manganese and remove both from the water supply. Activated carbon filters remove low levels of hazardous contaminants, like radon gas and organic chemicals, that have been dissolved as they absorb impurities that pass through the carbon cartridge. Neutralizing filters treat the entire home's water supply when water passes through limestone chips.

Disinfection water treatment systems kill most of the viruses, worms, cysts and harmful bacteria found in the water that may cause illness. The water is disinfected by boiling, pasteurization, chlorination and by ultraviolet light which produces small amounts of radiation.

DistillationThe process of distillation is slow because it takes approximately five gallons of tap water to produce just one gallon of distilled water. This process heats the water until it vaporizes as steam that recondenses into relatively pure water and leaves behind substances such as bacteria and minerals.

Water treatment Process

Water is softened through ion exchange, which removes minerals that cause hardness in water supplies. This water treatment system consists of a tank that contains an exchange resin; it pumps hard water through it and replaces hardness ions with potassium or sodium ions that soften the water. This system also removes heavy metals and iron from the water.

Water treatment system devices, or point-of-use systems, are available in several styles and treat water typically in batches while delivering it to a specific tap such as the faucet in a kitchen sink. Pour-through devices allow water to drip through a pitcher that is located in your refrigerator. The faucet mount is a filter that's mounted to the faucet in a kitchen sink and uses a diverter that directs water through its system to treat drinking water. A counter top manual fill device involves a system placed on the counter and is activated by pouring water into it and filling it with a certain amount of water. The plumbed-in system is normally installed underneath the sink, requiring a permanent connection to the existing water pipe.


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