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Human beings use water for domestic, commercial, agricultural, and industrial use. These uses produce waste waters which need to be treated so that the treated/purified water can be reused, and at the same time it saves the environment from being polluted. The water treatment makes it suitable for definite end-use. The treated water could be used for house hold purposes, industrial usage, irrigation, water recreation etc.

Recycling/re-using treated waste water can reduce fresh water requirements by 50-60 percent. In order to control increasing pollution, waste water treatment plants are statutory requirements as per Ministry of Environment and Forest and Climate Change. It is suggestive that any infrastructure that uses above 8000 – 10000 liters of water per day should follow compliance regulated by the concerned State Pollution Control Boards and Authorities. The nature of waste water is different depending on the use such as domestic or commercial or industrial and therefore accordingly there are various methods and suitable technologies to treat this sewage and trade effluents.

Pure Solutions has remarkably successful project management services for complex waste water treatment plants that extent to 600KLD capacity installations. We provide our customers with flexibility in execution of single point responsibility of turn-key projects to low cost engineering services and packages. The solutions include various infrastructures for treatment of drinking water, waste water, and industrial effluent treatment. Pure Solutions’ scope of services in water treatment project management is generally classified into the following: 

  1. Planning and design engineering for new and existing projects.

  2. Procurement and supplies, construction, installation, and commissioning services including all civil, environmental, mechanical/piping, electrical and instrumentation and operation process.

  3. The stakeholders undertake all civil works and Pure Solutions installs all mechanical, electrical components, piping and instrumentation works.

  4. Annual Maintenance contract for finished projects. Further operation and maintenance services are provided as suitable to the stakeholders. 

  5. Supply of water treatment equipment and chemicals.