Pure Solutions loves the environment in a very real and down-to-earth way. Passionate to protect and sustain it, in all ways possible, we harness the best advancements in science and technology.

Yes, in each project, we find a reason to help Mother Nature feel better, safer, and happier. We are really thankful to all our clients who are helping us in this divine endeavour.

The water testing, environmental and ‘waste water treatment’ projects they entrustus, are in one way or the other helping and empowering us in this fruitful, personally and professionally fulfilling journey.

All these uncompromising missions, relying on the very best in technology makes us the Silent Warriors, against water pollution.

What is waste water treatment? Why is it vital for our health and environment?

The term ‘waste water’ is used for discarded or previously used water from an industry or a local body (municipality or corporation) or from domestic sources on a large scale.

Waste water contains dissolved as well as suspended matter and must be treated prior to its discharge into the open, or to nearby water bodies. If not, it causes severe environmental damage which in result affects the soil, ground water, flora, fauna and the health and safety of the entire community living around it. The characteristics of wastewater must be defined precisely before discharging it into any aquatic environment, or even if it is to be scientifically treated and reused with the advanced technology available. For this, Pure Solutions has the most advanced water testing facility.

Various qualitative and quantitative assessments of wastewater are done in tune with the stringent criterias, which includes dissolved oxygen level, temperature, concentration of organic as well as inorganic compounds.

The universal parameters for this are: pH value, Micro-organisms, Temperature, Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), Total Organic Carbon (TOC), Alkalinity, Chlorides, Nitrogen, Dissolved Oxygen, Phosphorus, Gases, Sulphur, Solids, Metals, Oil, Grease, etc.

The definition and measurement of waste water parameters is the basis for all further decisions regarding waste water treatment, for which Pure Solutions takes pride in its extensive portfolio of world-class wastewater treatment solutions.

Eutrophication or accumulation of surplus nutrients from runoff waste water, reduces water clarity, harms water quality, and is characterized by excessive plant and algal growth. The process negatively affects nearby drinking water sources, most species of fishes, and the beauty and purpose of recreational water bodies. It is the leading cause of the deterioration of many freshwater and coastal marine ecosystems.

This can be controlled to a great extent by installing efficient water treatment systems that can remove harmful ingredients, especially nitrogen and phosphorus from runoff waste water. This is one of the many ways in which we play an active role in helping to protect our natural aquatic resources for future generations.

Pure Solutions – the silent warriors against water pollution – is a resourceful powerhouse in wastewater treatment. A 15 year legacy where the solutions are seamless, and the technology is futureready.

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